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your ideal birth plan for a beautiful birth

Your Ideal Birth Plan: Informed Choices for a Beautiful Birth

Simply put, a birth plan is a document that outlines your preferences for labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum care. It’s a powerful tool that can help you communicate your wishes to your healthcare team, clarify your own priorities, and feel more confident as you approach your big day.

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Gear Up for Baby: Pro Tips on Practical Prep

My pro tips will help you get your household, finances, and support system ready so you will feel confident as you ready your family for this new addition.  With a little planning and organization, you can reduce stress and set yourself up for an easier transition when bringing home your bundle of joy. So let’s dive head first into my practical tips for baby prep.

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group of pregnant women

Emotional Prep for Baby: 5 Strategies from a Mama of 12

While the anticipation of your new arrival builds, let’s delve into what truly matters when preparing for your baby’s arrival. Undoubtedly, the excitement of physically preparing for baby – setting up the nursery, choosing adorable outfits, and exploring the latest gadgets – can be irresistible. However, in the midst of this excitement, it’s essential to remember that simplicity often reigns supreme during those initial weeks. Now, if I advocate against a frenzy of shopping for every baby product under the sun, you might wonder, what should you prioritize instead? Here are my top five suggestions for emotionally preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

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